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Chugunov Andrei Vladimirovich
Chugunov Andrei Vladimirovich
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Dr. Andrei Chugunov, the Head of Department of Government Information Systems Management, the director of e-Governance Center at ITMO University (St. Petersburg, Russia). He achieved the PhD in political science in 2000. Having more than 20 years of experience in the field of education and training courses conduction he is the author of 6 courses in the sphere of eGovernment and Social Informatics, and has published more than 150 papers dedicated to information society development, e-governance, open government, and educational services implementation. He is the organizer of Annual all-Russian Scientific Conference ‘Internet and Modern Society (IMS)’, and the Annual International Conferences ‘Electronic Governance and Open Society: Challenges in Eurasia (EGOSE)’ and the International Conference ‘Digital Transformation and Global Society’ (DTGS). He took part in a number of EU projects.

Professional experience

2011 – present – the Head of Department of Government Information Systems Management of ITMO University (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2009 – present – the director of e-Governance Center of ITMO University (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2006 – 2014 – Associate Professor at the Department of Information Systems in Art and in the

Humanitarian Sciences of Saint Petersburg State University (since 2009 г. – work in a part-time position)


2004 – present – General Director of Non-Profit Partnership «E-Development Partnership in the North-West» (PRIOR North-West) - work in a part-time position

1996 – 2007 – Deputy Director of Interdisciplinary Center of Supplementary Education of Saint Petersburg State University (2006 – 2007 - Interdisciplinary Center of Institute of Philological Researches of Saint Petersburg State University)

1993 – 1996 – Deputy Director of the Center of International Post-Graduate Education and Information of the Special Faculty of Retraining of Saint Petersburg State University.

Science and professional interests

E-government: effectiveness of ICT policy implementation in public administration;

Interdisciplinary researches of social-economic and political processes in the age of information society;

Applied political and social researches, analysis of tendencies of development and transformations of social institutes in conditions of cyberspace and global telecommunications expansion;

Scientific service in Internet, scientific-educational information resources establishment and 2-library creation, information resources integration;

Pedagogic technologies of network distanced learning.

Participation in expert councils

2016 – present – member of working group on Public Authorities’ Activity Effectiveness and Efficiency Evaluation (Chairman - The Governor of St.-Petersburg).

2014 – present – member of Consultative Council on e-Government Infrastructure Exploitation and Development of Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

2014 – present – member of the Commission on Administrative Reform of St. Petersburg

2014 – present – expert of Russian Science Foundation (RSF)

2012 – present – member of Scientific Council on Informatization of St. Petersburg

2011 – 2015 – member of Information Society Development Working Group of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

2010 – present – member of International Program Evaluation Network - IPEN

2010 – 2014 – member of working group on Administrative Reform (Committee on Informatization and Communication of St. Petersburg)

2010 – present – chair of Commission on Expertise of Administrative and Electronic Regulations of   Government Agencies and Municipalities (E-Development Partnership in the North-West)

2009 – 2011 – member of interdepartmental working group on e-Government Establishment (Presidential Councils of Russian Federation on information society Development)

2009 – 2014 – member of Scientific Council on Information Educational Resources Development (Scientific Pedagogic Library of K.D. Ushinskiy)

2008 – 2009 – member of working group on e-government forming in Russian Federation (Government Administrative Reforms Commission)

2007 – present – co-chair of Research Committee of Russian Political Science Association «Information Technologies and Policy»

2005 – present – member of expert council of Interregional Public Organization for Support the UNESCO Information for All Programme (since 2009 г. – ICO “Information for All” Expert Board)

2002 – present – expert of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (information systems direction)

Participation in the editorial boards of scientific journals and program committees of scientific conferences

2016 – Program Committee Chair of the International Conference “Digital Transformation & Global Society (DTGS)

2015 – present – a member of the editorial board of scientific journal «Interindustry Information Service»

2014 – present – a member of Program Committee of the International Conference “Electronic Governance and Open Society: Challenges for Eurasia” (EGOSE)

2013 – present – a member of Program Committee of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance ICEGOV

1998 – present – academic secretary, a member of Program and Organizing Committees of the Annual all-Russian Scientific Conference ‘Internet and Modern Society’

Projects activity (in reverse chronological order, the most important)

Since 1993 participant of more than 50 projects on e-Government and Information Society development, information and communication technology implementation

2015-2017 “E-governance in the Eurasian economic integration: structure and basic models” (Russian Foundation for Humanities - RFH)

2013-2016 “Policy Compass” (EU Program FP7)

2013-2014 “eGovPoliNet”- The Policy Community (EU Program FP 7)

2013-2014 “Increasing capacity of local authorities in providing e-services in Ida-Virumaa-Leningrad oblast cross border areas” (EU NPI Program)

2013 “Russian Federation in International ICT Ratings” (World Bank, Russian Ministry of ICT)

2013-2015 “Electronic communication between government and society: a study of sociodynamics and institutionalization processes” (Russian Foundation for Humanities - RFH)

2011-2013 “Information society regional programs’ monitoring, assessment and development” (Mordovia, Leningrad and  Vologda regions)

2012-2013 “Research the public demands of eGovernment services using automated web-based tools” (Sociological research, Ministry of education and science program)


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